"... Not since Victoria Holt Romance Novels of yesteryear have I been so captivated by the story and the characters. Job well done! I can't wait for the next book!"
"... Jessica's relationship with God is beautiful and the fact that her devotion helps bring others to the Lord makes this story even better. Clint turning to Him to where he actually listens to Him is so inspiring for all of us."
"... Excellent book! I really enjoyed the natural writing style that draws you in with interesting characters. It left me wanting more! On a deeper note I also appreciated the spiritual style of this book too. It was very juicy and intriguing without being trashy or preachy. Our intimate walk with God and the struggles to keep choosing that path is where we are most alive and this book really spoke to that part of me. The characters were relatable, real and rich as they navigated Love and God while confronting their own limitations. Like any great love story, lovers are hanging by the hinges of their choices with a lot on the line. It is always a nail bitter to see what the heart will choose. 
​This one does not disappoint!"
"... Great story line. Made it hard to put it down. Loved the way the main characters were always trying to protect each other, not believing they were in love. But love comes through. Waiting for number three."

Reviews: Book #1 " Ride With Me"

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"... This book has 467 pages and it's only the 2nd book that I've read with so many pages, where I wish there were still more. Very hard to put down. The author took hold of you and put you right in the middle of the story. You became one with the characters. A must read for anyone who is a romance buff."

"... Continuing this story with Johnnie and Rose Marie has been an amazing journey with so many unexpected twists and turns! Gotta read it Quaking Heart Fans! I wish I had the third book in my hands right now !!"

Reviews: Book #2 " Stay With Me"

"... She did it again. Jan writes characters that come right out of the book and linger long after you've put it down. I loved the back and forth I went through while trying to figure out which side of the law everyone really stood on. I can't wait to read her next book!"

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"... Absolutely LOVED this book!! I couldn't put the book down. It's a captivating story that draws you in emotionally to feel what the characters of the story are experiencing. Very well written story about redemption, grace, the blossoming of new love, and the peace salvation can bring to one's life. This book will not disappoint!"