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He saves lives. She heals the injured.

They've gone their separate ways, each choosing noble paths until Providence brings them back together. But as she helps rehabilitate his wounded body, can she mend the heart she shattered?

Clayton Cooper is a bonafide daredevil. At first, he uses his talents for thrills and payouts on the rodeo circuit. When his high school sweetheart calls off their marriage, he loses himself in Alaskan smokejumping.

Peggy Sassman married the man she'd fallen hard for, but when Clay descends from loving husband to beer-guzzling rodeo star, Peggy hands him divorce papers in hopes of waking him up. Instead, Clay lets her walk away.

Years later, a ranch accident lands a severely hobbled Clay under Peggy's physical therapy care. He flees, straight into a near-fatal head trauma. Will Peggy's unrelenting love heal Clay's body, mind, and heart? Or will the pain of their past force them apart for good?