A discouraged rancher. A driven barrel racer.

One sees a dead-end future. The other plans to dazzle the world.

Fate dares to slam them together. Will they survive the collision?

Colt Cooper is besieged by the single women of Crook County, each fighting to stake her own claim on the handsome rancher. Women are a foolish waste of energy, his past has proven, so focusing on his horse training business and overworked brother is time better spent. Though when a feisty redhead shows up for one of his horses, his thinking falters. It seems her sites are set on only one goal, and it’s not him.  

Betsy Murphy’s arrival at Cooper Bar-6 Ranch is all business; she needs to replace her injured champion. Colt must pick her a barrel racing horse, help her train it, and send her back to Texas in time for the Nationals. Now, if only she could concentrate on the horse and not the man…


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